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Welcome to Lights Of Soho

We are a social enterprise, members club and gallery that supports the creative community

Lights of Soho, is the world’s first culture hub, Gallery and Member’s club, operating as a social enterprise out of Soho’s Brewer st, London.

As a social enterprise, our social mission is as core to our success as any potential profit, as such we offer an exhibition space and a member’s club that allows those starting in creative industries to display their work, show their film or promote their music and art – for free.

We fund ourselves through membership, art and drink sales and event revenues from corporates – and the Directors of the business don’t draw a wage.

We are open to the public until 6pm, six days a week and for members from 6pm – midnight. All our art is for sale in the gallery or through our online shop.

Support creatives, support artist, support Lights Of Soho –We are now accepting new membership applications.

We’re much more than a gallery, our venue provides a relaxed daytime hub for artistic, inspirational minds whilst by night; LoS becomes an alternative social space for our eclectic members and many of London’s ‘cultural connectors’.

We’ve created a home away from home to inspire similarly-minded professionals working in the arts or just good people who support and love the arts like we do. At the same time we’ve also tried to create a platform for emerging artists, designers, performers, film-makers, thought-leaders and beyond to bring their visions into the light.

Through our members and friends, we play host to a calendar of some of the most diverse and stimulating events in the capital. Our upcoming highlights can be found in the Members section above.

We are also a prime, desirable and unique location for hire for you to create your own experiences. The versatile space can be a fully-white blank canvas or you can making the most of our curated light art, creating a stunning environment for a birthday, gig, brand launch, press day, experiential activation, cocktail reception or even a sit down dinner for a truly extraordinary event.

We curate a vibrant art programme, inviting leading names in neon & light-art including Tracy Emin, Chris Levene and Gavin Turk alongside upcoming artists to showcase their work – all of which are available to buy in the gallery or from our online shop.

For highlights from our past exhibitions, visit the Exhibitions page in Art above

Lights of Soho also offers a bespoke neon commissioning service. Please contact for further information.